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Securing resources
Securing cross-skilled resources is critical to success.
08 Aug 2016 |

Securing resources

A cross-skilled team should not only include risk managers but experts on your data warehouse and IT experts on your internal systems including application processing and collections. 

A key part of creating the best team is determining your knowledge gaps early. Knowledge gaps may include:

  • Industry standards – is your team familiar with the Australian Credit Reporting Data Standards (ACRDS)? 
  • Data extract – does your team have enough XML programming skills to reformat variable internal data into the industry format? 
  • Default status - are your defaults up-to-date or need to be reconciled with Equifax? 
  • Data quality – how clean is your internal data and will it pass validation requirements such as address formatting? 
  • Reciprocity – is your team familiar with the Principles or Reciprocity and Data Exchange (PRDE) and is your organisation a signatory? 


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