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Why CCR?

Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) allows lenders to make better decisions that benefit and protect both their business and their customers.

Why CCR?

CCR Benefits

Increase your applicant pool. CCR reveals additional pockets of lower risk customers and creates positive credit history for individuals who previously had none.

Differentiate your product. CCR helps you segment the 90+% of the market with no adverse and get the right customers in the door at the right price.

Lead with customer service. CCR empowers consumers with higher credit risk scores to negotiate better rates, reduces time to decision, and improves ongoing treatment.

Reduce wasted efforts. CCR creates more scoreable customers, reduces the need for manual reviews, and improves ROI on collections by distinguishing lazy payers from those struggling.

Uncover hidden financial stress. CCR reveals undisclosed debt at application and provides advance warning if customers have late payments elsewhere.

Lend more responsibly. CCR provides independently verified open lines credit and repayment behaviour to help assess serviceability.


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