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Supplying data

31 May 2017

CCR data is complex, and can have an effect on many areas of your business. In this article, we list 8 ways you can maximise the value of CCR data.

18 May 2017

When beginning the transition to Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR), it can be difficult to choose where to start. This article outlines three approaches to implementing this change in your organisation.

09 May 2017

As we progress on the transition to Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR), there are learnings from other markets we can use to help us on our own journey.

02 May 2017

Following a period of uncertainty within the industry, lenders are now back on track to resume data sharing plans.

11 Apr 2017

An update on the status of the FOS draft determination in relation to RHI status of temporary payment arrangements.

06 Apr 2017

Our insider’s guide to explaining to your customers how late payments and defaults vary.

31 Mar 2017

As of January 2017, 26% of the retail credit market have supplied CCR data to Equifax.

13 Feb 2017

With any business change, preparation is key. Read on for tips on how to prepare your business for the transition to Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR).

22 Nov 2016

Your customer data is one of your most valuable business assets. 

The quality and breadth of data improvements is constantly improving under CCR. This is because credit providers now share positive information on a regular monthly cycle instead of negative data only on a sporadic basis. 

This means credit providers participating in CCR confirm the identity details for each account every month when they submit repayment behaviour to the bureau.

The benefit of better data quality

Case study
31 May 2016

For CUA, Australia’s largest member-owned financial services provider, deciding to implement CCR was in large part about paving the way for other mutual banks and member-owned financial institutions to do the same.

"Under CCR, we will know more about our customers’ credit histories and financial habits, and will be able to use that knowledge to help them make better credit decisions," said Scott North, CUA Chief Risk Officer. 


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