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Why CCR?

Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) allows lenders to make better decisions that benefit and protect both their business and their customers.

Meet compliance obligations

Meet compliance obligations

Lend more responsibly. CCR provides independently verified open lines credit and repayment behaviour to help assess serviceability.

Support responsible lending and anti-money laundering obligations.

Use CCR data to double check the information provided on an application form. Use the number, frequency and type of credit enquiries to determine credit appetite. See any open credit commitments to uncover undisclosed debt and verify credit exposure. View the credit limit on each open account to check for over-indebtedness

CCR ultimately allows you to answer more compliance questions. At application, determine if the applicant the person they claim to be, can they afford the proposed line of credit, and is your product suitable? For existing customers, determine if a cross sell campaign is appropriate, spot early signs of distress and monitor if a hardship situation is improving.


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