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Why CCR?

Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) allows lenders to make better decisions that benefit and protect both their business and their customers.

Reduce your losses

Reduce your losses

Uncover hidden financial stress. CCR reveals undisclosed debt at application and provides advance warning if customers have late payments elsewhere.

Increase the quality of your applicants and identity financial stress earlier.

Instead of growing your portfolio, you can use the additional lower risk applicants identified by CCR data to increase your risk thresholds. By understanding an applicants’ credit history, credit exposure and credit velocity, you can better identify applicants that are below the threshold.

For existing customers, CCR data provides an early warning indicator of potential issues. Use the additional insights to take action early and prevent accounts from moving into collections. Reduce losses for accounts already in arrears by better predicting which will cure and which to sell early to reduce write-offs.


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