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Segment customers, determine who is likely to self-cure, and perform skip tracing with expanded insights from CCR
08 Aug 2016 |


As the costs of finding new customers rise, retaining the ones you already have makes good business sense. But with today’s high levels of consumer debt, it’s becoming harder to find and keep quality customers

Using the power of CCR data, you can identify which customers are likely to self-cure, improve customer experience and optimise collections activities by determining:

  • Should I chase immediately or send a friendly text and give customers a chance to catch-up on missed payments?
  • Have I taken all the appropriate steps to contact customers before defaulting?
  • How do I perform skip traces when attempts to contact their last known address fail?

With Equifax Collect, you will improve your collections strategy with behavioural scores that predict the likelihood of your accounts in arrears recovering back to current. Scores can be calculated on all accounts in arrears by 1 day or more.


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